Did You Know: How to Become an Openbay-Recommended Shop

Openbay Recommended Shop

Service providers are sometimes so busy managing the comings and goings and fixings of vehicles that it’s easy to forget what a pain in the neck it can be to be on the other side, as a vehicle owner. Not only are they without a car or truck for hours to days on end, but they’re presented with an often-pricey bill at the conclusion of its service. And most vehicle owners don’t even have an understanding for what the service entailed, so having a vehicle serviced is triple the pain.

One area where Openbay seeks to help is via Openbay Recommended, a program that directs consumers to the very best service providers near them.

Openbay Recommended Shop

Here’s How a Shop Becomes Openbay Recommended:

  • They’re Super Responsive

    Today, more than ever, customers appreciate immediacy.  Openbay Recommended providers are often using OpenbayASP, and are quick to get back to customers with price quotes and answering messages.

  • Great Ratings and Reviews:

    Behind location, the #2 reason consumers select a service provider is ratings and reviews. Openbay-Recommended service centers have received fantastic ratings and reviews from real customers. The only way someone can review a shop is to have actually completed a service there, so users can rest assured that the ratings are the real deal. They can also cross-check ratings on Google+ and Yelp while remaining within the Openbay platform.

  • Using the Platform Often

    Openbay-Recommended service centers have processed a good deal of work, and are completely familiar with the platform and how it works.

  • Automated Quotes

    Openbay knows that its users want quick answers, when they’re ready to book car repair. When shops have enabled Automated Quotes, that means they’ll immediately blast quotes for standard-priced services. No wait needed.

If your shop hasn’t yet become Openbay Recommended, please get in touch with our member services team to find out what you’re missing, so you can work to fix it, and get that badge of honor associated with your business.

If you’re a customer, wondering why certain businesses have that badge, now you know. We hope this helps to narrow down the shop that’s best for you, knowing that the Openbay Recommended program is a meritocracy. And know that those shops will continue to work hard to earn your support.

Drive safely!

If you haven’t tried Openbay yet, check us out now, so you’ve got us in your back pocket when the time comes for your vehicle service and repair.

Repair shops: Think you have what it takes to become Openbay Recommended?