Did You Know: “Openbay Recommended” Points You Toward Top Shops

Did You Know: Openbay Recommended Top Shops

We know car repair can be a painful experience. Many Americans avoid it — an estimated $60-billion worth of auto repair and maintenance work is left undone each year.  Too often, people ignore  check-engine lights, oil changes and squeaky brakes. If you value your safety and that of your passengers, ignoring your vehicle’s basic maintenance and repair needs is a bad idea.

For many, half the battle is finding a mechanic. “Just tell me where to go!” you beg. Good news: we do. We understand that you want to know your options, and that sometimes a list of nine local shops’ quotes can be overwhelming. That’s why we created Openbay Recommended.

When you see an “Openbay Recommended” badge in a shop’s profile, or next to a quote, you can be confident you’ll be working with a great mechanic. “How do those shops get that?” you ask. Here at Openbay, there’s no pay-for-play. Translation: they’ve earned it.

Openbay Recommended service providers have demonstrated the following before they earn the designation:

  • Happy customers – reviews matter, and Openbay ratings and reviews come from real customers. If a shop doesn’t have great ratings and reviews, you won’t see an Openbay Recommended badge. We know you want to corroborate our data with external sites, so show you Google + and Yelp reviews, too.
  • Snappy replies – no need to wait for these techs to get back to you. You message them, they message you back.
  • Quick quotes – we have a system called “Auto Quotes,” so you’ll immediately receive real quotes for standard-priced services. All Openbay Recommended shops have this feature enabled. If you’re an insomniac dying to book a brake job at 3am, you can request it and complete the booking with an Openbay Recommended shop by 3:03am.
  • Details, details – all Openbay Recommended service providers have fully completed profiles. You’ll instantly know what their warranty policies are, whether the shop has wi-fi or shuttle service, and early drop-off. They’ve left no stone unturned, which saves you the time having to ask.
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Rest assured: with Openbay Recommended, we’ll steer you in the right direction, to be sure you and your precious cargo are in good hands.

Drive a safe car, and drive safely!