4 Dangerous States to Drive In During Winter

Seasonal - Winter Driving

You know that driving in winter conditions can be scary and tough, but did you know that driving in certain states during the winter is particularly dangerous? In a way, it makes sense because of course some states have colder weather, more snow and ice and therefore treacherous roads for travelers on a regular basis. Find out more about where the weather is worse and whether it affects where you live:
1. New York
We know, New York is a fabulous state, no doubt. But it’s also crowded with tons of traffic plus bad weather, lots of trucks and plenty of salt and other debris on the roads. Accidents happen here all the time. Drivers in the US say that New York is one place hailing a taxi or a ride in a big, safe car is a best bet.
2. Massachusetts
Massachusetts has the same problems as New York – crowded, icy, snowy, cold and not always all that well-maintained. Add impatient drivers who have somewhere important to be and you are going to wish that you have given yourself more time (and an all-terrain vehicle) before you began. Oh, and good car insurance.
3. Rhode Island
Rhode Island is not a big state, and perhaps that is part of the problem. When it comes to fixing up the roads for winter driving, there is less infrastructure and less money to invest into improving the roads and bridges. If you are passing through Rhode Island or live there, use extra caution in the winter since accident rates can be high.
4. Alaska
This one really isn’t that shocking. After all, Alaska has a nearly non-stop winter season with extreme cold temperatures, ice and snow. To make things worse, the roads aren’t really maintained all that well. You may not be planning to spend much time in Alaska this winter, but if you do, get an all-terrain winter vehicle before you hit the road.
The fact is that just about any state with winter weather can be a bad place to drive when the weather gets nasty. Plan ahead and drive cautiously. After all, you don’t want to be yet another winter driving accident statistic.