Consumer Reviews of the Four Big Auto Repair Chains

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You carefully read online reviews of local restaurants before you head out for dinner. You ask your well-coiffed friends for recommendations when you need a new hairstylist. But what about when you need to find an auto repair shop? Finding out how other consumers rate some of the most popular national auto repair chains can save you a lot of time and money. (Note: not all shops are the same, and results vary according to location.)

  • Customers seem generally pleased with Midas, although a few people complained that the mechanics seem to assume that consumers know nothing about car repair. In addition, several customers at various locations complained of overcharging for what seemed to be unnecessary services, such as refilling fluids.
  • A few people also noted that they brought in a coupon for an oil change or other discount, only to be told that their car did not qualify for that discount, paying full price in the end.

Grease Monkey 

  • The Grease Monkey site features several positive customer reviews, such as “service is always great” and “trustworthy and honest”.
  • As with other car repair shops, however, there are several customer complaints online about being misinformed about the initial price of a service and being charged a much higher price when the work was completed.

Just Brakes 

  • Just Brakes advertises flat rates for service that come with a “lifetime warranty” but many customers would beg to differ. For example, many customers note that warranty prices are low but additional, more expensive work is usually required. Overall, online customers only give Just Brakes one star out of five.

Jiffy Lube 

  • While Jiffy Lube advertises quick service, basic car repair, and oil changes, customers don’t seem to find much to like at this national chain.
  • Customers complain about missing parts and poorly done work. As with many other national auto repair chains, many customers complain that a service is advertised for a low price, only to be told that additional work is necessary at a much higher price or that they don’t qualify for the discount.

So if most people seem unsatisfied with auto repair chains, what is a car owner to do? Simple. Either try them out for yourself – because results truly do vary from location to location. Or, find a local mechanic with loyal, enthusiastic customers. Whichever way you go, make sure you feel comfortable with the mechanic and trust them with your car and your money.

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