Car Lover Gifts: Unique Ideas For Any Car-Enthusiast In Your Life

car lover gifts

Car Lover Gifts: Ideas for the Everyone This Holiday Season

Looking for holiday gift ideas? Whether you’re shopping for your die-hard car enthusiast or a teen who’s got keys to her first clunker, we’ve gathered our favorite car-focused presents.

For Irreverent Springsteen Lovers image

Pink Cadillac Menorah $70
We can’t look at this bit of Hanukkah fabulousness without singing Springsteen’s famous lyrics.

For the Big-Data Guys and Gals

Dash Device to complement the app: starting at $10
Not sure what’s up with your ride? Enter the connected car, courtesy of Dash. Save on gas, saves a trip to the mechanic when it diagnoses your check-engine light, and analyze your acceleration and braking patterns. Dash is like a Fitbit for your car. What to do once your vehicle’s issue is diagnosed? Head over to the (free) Openbay web and mobile app to search for a local mechanic and book your car repair.

For Well-Heeled Drivers

His and hers driving shoes: Left: Cole Haan $99.95. Right: Minnetonka $79.95
For everyday driving, any old shoes will work, but these just feel more festive, whether your pal is behind the wheel or kicking around town.

For The One Whose Phone is Always Dead

Multi-Phone Charger: $4.79
We’ve got one of these multiple-phone chargers in the office and use it on a near-daily basis (thanks, Allison!). Give the gift of (smartphone) life to your friend whose phone is always dead. He or she can charge nearly anything on the go.

For the Perpetually Unprepared Hauler

Highland Assorted Bungee Cords $14.24
Even though pickup trucks are top sellers, not everyone’s got one. For your friend who’s always hauling things hanging out the back of a two-door car, bungee cords can go a long way in adding a little utility to the existing (non-utility) vehicle.

For the Speeding-Ticket Magnet

Skip Barber’s Two-Day Advanced Racing School at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca $4,195
Let’s pretend you’ve got an unlimited gift-giving budget and are an absolute legend of a friend. Give your lead-footed buddy an unforgettable experience, and prepare for tales of negotiating the infamous corkscrew.

For the Matchbox-Car Collector

Toy Car Wall Art from Wren’sEyeDesigns $600
We know some adults who are more obsessed with these tiny toy cars than children. This beautiful piece of art has already been purchased, but maybe the Etsy shop’s owner could be convinced to produce another one?

For the Thin-Blooded Procrastinator

Bulldog Security Remote car starter $59.99
Come winter, some of us build in time each morning to warm up the car, while others spend minutes of chilly agony en route to work before the car warms up. Be a hero by warming up your procrastinator with this gift.

For the Extroverted Nonconformist

EyeLashes4Cars $12.99
For those who don’t take life, cars or aerodynamics too seriously, and are ready for attention and conversation, these Headlight Car Lashes are a great way to make that clear.

For The White-Collar Weekend Mechanic

V8/Wrench cufflinks in sterling silver $68.00
Know someone working a formal-attire 9-5 who’s just itching to get back under a car? These cufflinks are the classy way to transmit, “I’d rather be turning a wrench.”

For the Old-Car Driver Who Forgets to Shut Off the Lights

Stanley Jump-Starter with built-in air compressor $69.00
Need a jump? With this gift, you’ll be a hero to those who perpetually forget to shut off the lights and are left with a dead battery. Bonus: it’s got an air compresser for inflating tires in a pinch.

For the Well-Prepared Worry-Wart

Deluxe Road Warrior Kit $95.94
While we all know the importance of a winter car-survival kit, few of us actually have one. Not ready to build a DIY winter kit? This one will do. It’s got flares, a shovel, gloves – you name it.

For the Car Slob

Drop Stop Seat-Gap Filler $19.99
Some people have immaculate homes and filthy cars. This is for them. Never again will they lose a quarter, a pile of french-fries or an Android to the seemingly magnetic crevice between the vehicle’s front seat and center console.

For the Business Road Warrior

High Road Car Clothes Carrier $6.29
Some folks spend a ton of time on the road, only to arrive to business meetings with their suits and dresses in a wrinkly mess. This carrier ensures they’ll end the journey in sartorial splendor.

For Big-Dog-Loving Road-Trippers

Waterproof Pet Seat Cover 12.59
Dog lovers who are mindful of their car’s resale value can keep the back seat intact with this seat cover.

For the Long-Distance Commuter

Hula Guy $17.99
Add a little pizzazz to your favorite commuter’s routine with a happy hula guy. Endless hula action will break the monotony otherwise mind-numbing traffic.

For the Outdoorsy Explorer

Goodyear Rubber Mats $39.99
Has your wellie-clad outdoorsy friend got all the outdoor gear, but left the brand new vehicle a mess, post-exploration? These rubber mats will save the day and the car’s resale value.
And for the not-so-new vehicle owner who’s in the repair and maintenance phase, a little tip – check out Openbay. Compare pricing and book service from quality local shops with the click of a button. Openbay is car repair for today’s world.