(Breakdown on) The Night Before Christmas

Christmas - Santa in a Car

‘Twas the night before Christmas
And all through the house
Was grunting and frustration
from Mrs. Clause’s spouse
Nervous and worried, Santa would sweat and toil
Fixing his sleigh, replacing the oil
For while people sing of Rudolph leading his sleigh
Reindeer no longer hack it in this modern day
Santa, who’s known as an early adopter
Now has a hemi and a cool-weather doppler
He flies through the air, with horsepower a plenty
But when his sleigh failed, his own skill came up empty
He worked away on his big sleigh for an hour
Finally giving in, falling from power
He knew it was time to get a mechanic
But Christmas-eve timing sent him into a panic

Hours were limited; trouble was with his engine
He downloaded Openbay for clutch intervention
He insisted on a shop that could take him soon
And that could do the job by the light of the moon
The shop had to be close; it had to have wi-fi
So he could confirm all the houses he’d stop by
He checked which mechanics were naughty or nice
And hoped for a shop that would give a fair price
He submitted a request with a simple tap
Excited for results from Openbay’s app
Within a few moments, mechanics’ quotes came through
And a chance to compare – not one shop, but two!
Santa chose the mechanic who’d come to his home
And who’d confirm swiftly, “A gasket is blown!”
Santa ate cookies, repairs underway
The mechanic committed to fixing his sleigh
At last, he emerged, a bright look in his eyes
The red-suited man was set for the skies
He fired up the engine, which purred like a cat
And last but not least, put on his red hat
He thanked the mechanic for saving his life
And before he took off, he winked at his wife
He dashed through snowy skies, delivering gifts
He shimmied down chimneys and scurried up lifts
From house to apartment, his sleigh was a star
And he vowed to use Openbay, as well, on his car!
As the sun rose, kids opened their gifts
Delighted to find Santa had honored their lists
So when you awake, boxes under the tree
Thank Openbay’s rescue of Santa’s hemi!
Merry Christmas, everyone!
Image credits: Axel Bührmann, Doug Kerr, Flickr