Meet Sean, Who Booked his Boston Car Repair Through Openbay

Sean Boston Car Repair Openbay

Here’s Sean, who was looking for Boston car repair for his BMW. His car’s warranty had recently expired, so he was looking for new options. Here’s how it went.

Where do you live, and what type of vehicle do you drive?

I live in Boston, and I drive a 2010 BMW 1 Series.

How did you find Openbay?

I first saw Openbay through a Facebook ad, and was curious to use it. Once I submitted my request, I was able to make choose between multiple shops’ quotes.

Prior to Openbay, how did you find auto repair shops near you?

Before using Openbay, I almost exclusively went to the dealer. My vehicle was under warranty, so I went there for every repair. The warranty has since expired, which made me want to explore independent-repair options. The dealer’s service pricing was not its strong point.
Before this BMW, I would do some of the basic maintenance on my own on my old Toyotas, but now, this car is a little too complicated for me to handle. I prefer to bring it to a BMW or European-specialist shop.

How did everything go with your Openbay service provider/shop?

I looked through multiple service stations in the area, and chose one with a good reputation where I’d feel good about taking my car.
I picked Arto’s Service Station, in Watertown, MA, based on its ratings and the fact that it was Openbay Recommended. Also, I could see that multiple Openbay users with a  German cars (BMW, Audi, Mercedes) had gone there recently, so that made me feel more comfortable sending my car there.
At the shop, everything went great. I’d gone in for a diagnosis, and Arto clearly explained what needed to be repaired. From there, he updated the quote through Openbay and proceeded with the work.

Would you use Openbay again for your Boston car repair?

I would book again through Openbay. I work in technology, and I live on my phone anyway. This is a great user experience. I like it.
Repair-shop mechanics seem to have a high rate of turnover, so I like to see the most recent ratings and reviews. One mechanic leaving a shop could make a real difference.
Also, the Rewards piece of Openbay is really nice. I like getting something out of my service.

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