Bonafide Auto Pro, Mike Allen, Now Writing for Openbay

Mike Allen - Guest Blogger

We’re thrilled to share the news that bonafide automotive expert, Mike Allen, will now be writing guest posts for the Openbay blog. His task will be to explain common auto-repair/maintenance issues in plain language, so if you’re asking yourself “What is a [insert annoying auto-repair issue] and why should I care?”, Mike may just wind up tackling it here (especially if you ask us nicely).
Mike’s full bio is below, but to give you a peek, he’s an ASE-certified mechanic, former long-time Popular Mechanics editor, and world-record-holding race-car driver. If you’ve ever googled around for advice on how to fix your own vehicle, or what exactly a certain repair might entail, chances are you’ve happened upon Mike’s voice in Pop Mech. It’s honest, informative, and easy to read.
As you check out Mike’s posts, each of which will be marked with his byline, we encourage you to let us know what you think – send comments/questions and ideas for future articles our way anytime on social media (we’re @openbay everywhere). Drive safely and hope you enjoy!

Mike Allen

Mike Allen was Senior Automotive Editor at Popular Mechanics magazine for 25 years, and is a ASE-certified Master Automotive Technician, certified welder, licensed race car driver with an extensive sports-car endurance-racing history, and holds 11 world speed and endurance records as a driver. He also wrote the weekly NY Times-syndicated “Drive It Forever” column, which appeared in over 50 weekly newspapers.
Before Pop Mechanics, Mike, a native Detroiter, worked for GM writing the training manuals and certification examinations for GM service technicians. He worked his way through college building race cars and restoring exotic cars and motorcycles. His passion for cars was incubated in the street-racing scene on Detroit’s infamous Woodward Avenue during the muscle-car era.


Mike has written extensively on newsworthy automotive topics, including the Toyota unintended acceleration issue, debunked dozens of bogus gas-saving devices and is a leading expert on the upcoming issue of engine failures caused by increased ethanol content in pump gasoline.
He’s recently retired from the World Car of the Year and International Engine of the Year juries, and has served three terms as a Vice-President of the International Motor Press Association.


Mike’s television credits include Monster Garage, Mythbusters, NBC Dateline, Paula Zahn, CNBC, CNN Moneyline and hundreds of radio shows. His writing credits include Popular Mechanics, Road & Track, Consumer Reports, The New York Times, Money, Dune Buggies & Hot VWs, European Car, Auto Times Weekly, Car Smart, Off-Road, The Newark Star-Ledger and more.
He has held competition driving licenses from the SCCA, SCCA Pro Rally, IMSA, NASCAR, FIA, ACCUS, WHRRI and MWCSCC.
Welcome to Openbay, Mike. We’re thrilled to be counted among your credits.