Meet Bernard, San Francisco Customer Uses Openbay for Third Time

We caught up with San Francisco customer, Bernard, after completing his third service through Openbay. Here’s his take, and why he keeps coming back for all of his auto repairs.

Where do you live, and what type of vehicle do you drive?

I live in San Francisco, and I drive a 2012 Mazda 3.

How did you find Openbay?

I had originally seen Openbay through a Facebook ad. Since I live in San Francisco, I’m always thinking about how you can use an app for anything. When I came across Openbay, it seemed like a great option for my car maintenance.

Prior to Openbay, how did you find out about auto repair shops near you?

I’m new to San Francisco, so I’ve typically just used Yelp and made my decision based on the reviews. I hadn’t found a mechanic I really liked, so I was always looking for a new place. That was pretty time consuming since I didn’t have a consistent mechanic, and I’d wanted to make sure I was going with a shop that I trusted.
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How was your experience with the Openbay service provider/shop?

I had originally chosen Chow’s Automotive because they were an Openbay-Recommended shop. Their reviews were great, and the price was very competitive. I’ve actually used this shop twice now through Openbay, and both times were great. The people that work there are great, and I really felt like I could trust them.

Would you use Openbay again?

Yes, and I have. It’s so convenient to just plug in my issue and see the pricing. I like being able to compare the options and shops right in the app. Even being able to make my appointment through the app takes out one less step for me. I like the idea that if I were in another city, I could still submit a request and receive quotes, just as if I were home.
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