Meet Michael P., Who Booked Auto Repair in McLean, VA through Openbay

Auto Repair in McLean VA Michael P.

Here’s a Q&A with Michael P., who recently booked his auto repair in McLean, VA, a Washington D.C. suburb.

Where do you live and what do you drive?

I live in northern Virginia – an area with one of the biggest traffic challenges in the US – and I’m in the car a lot. I drive a 2013 Lexus ES350.

How did you find Openbay?

I was searching online for a repair shop that specialized in repairing Japanese luxury cars, and found Openbay. While the car was under warranty, I used to take it to the dealer for certain services. But that can get to be too expensive for non-warrantied work.

When you first heard about it, what attracted you to Openbay?

I liked the concept that it has ratings for each shop. And I liked the idea that all I had to do was plug in the info once, about what my car needed, and Openbay saved me time manually contacting multiple shops for a quote. It also saved me time trying to email a shop and then not getting a response.
Once I requested service, I was amazed at how quickly I got responses from shops. I heard back from about ten businesses in the area, and I wound up choosing between the first two shops to respond.

Has Openbay delivered, as you had expected?

Yes – as expected and better.
Auto Repair in McLean VA Michael P. Says Openbay Saves Time

Prior to Openbay, where did you learn about auto repair shops near you?

Usually, I’d work with a shop somewhere local to me – it was based on proximity. But I hadn’t ever been really satisfied. I’ve experienced long wait times, or lack of available appointments, or the final price was far off the estimated price. So that left me looking for a better solution.
It’s like any service you need – for example, searching for an electrician, it’s hard to find a good one, and one who will charge what you think is fair. For auto repair, Openbay has solved all those issues.

To book Openbay service, had you use the web or an app (or both)?

I had initially requested service, and chosen a provider on my desktop. Then, for correspondence, I used the app on my phone.

How did it go at the shop, A&S Auto Service in McLean, VA?

I was very pleased with the service at A&S. They were ready for me when I got there, stuck to the schedule, were very professional, and conveniently located to where I live. They did a great job. And the payment, using the Openbay code, was painless and easy.

What made you select A&S for your auto repair in McLean, VA?

Proximity, and the fact that the quote seemed reasonable for the job, which was a 60,000-mile service.
A&S Auto Repair in McLean VA

Would you book service with the same mechanic again? If so, would you use Openbay? 

Yes, I would book with the same mechanic. And I would book with Openbay due to loyalty. I relied on you the first time, and it’s the right thing to do. If more people don’t do that, I imagine you wouldn’t survive.
My car will need its brakes done soon, within the next few months. For that service, I’m definitely using Openbay. And I liked the mechanic, but for my wife’s car, or other big problems, I might consider looking into other businesses.

Anything else you’d like to add?

I rarely talk to anyone who says, “I’m really happy with my last car service.” People are dreading trying to figure where to get their cars fixed. Openbay really worked as advertised, and better, so I’m happy to provide the feedback, and refer others.


If you’d like to try Openbay to compare, book and pay for your vehicle maintenance and auto repair in McLean, VA, or elsewhere, use Michael’s promo code for $10 toward your first service.

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