Attention Automotive Service Providers – Update Your Direct Deposit Account Information

Openbay recently updated its direct deposit platform. Action is required for those Automotive Service Providers that signed up to receive electronic payments. If you have yet to sign up for Direct Deposit, please sign up right away. Openbay will soon be charging a fee to process payment via company check.
If you have already updated your direct deposit information you can ignore this message.
Please follow the instructions below as soon as possible to avoid interruptions of Direct Deposit transfers (Payouts) through the Openbay Marketplace.
Openbay’s payment gateway provider recently updated their account verification process which requires additional information. In order to continue receiving payouts through Openbay please complete the steps below. Failure to provide the required information will prevent your account from receiving transfers via Direct Deposit.

Changes to Openbay Direct Deposit, Action Required

  • Login to your Openbay account
  • Click on the ‘Payments’ tab
  • Carefully follow the instructions to update your account. You’ll be asked to provide updated information regarding your business’s legal entity and business representative.

If you have any questions please respond to this email or call us at 888-601-0399.
Thank you.