Americans are Keeping Their Vehicles Longer Than Ever

Cars - Old White Car

News is everywhere – CNBC, USA Today, Detroit Free Press – today that Americans are keeping their cars for longer than ever. The Institute of Highway Safety (IHS) released a report confirming that the average age of a vehicle on U.S. roads has hit a new record high – 11.5-years old!

Guess who doesn’t mind? We don’t! Why? Openbay’s web and mobile app is the modern-day answer for how Americans can get their aging vehicles maintained and fixed. As they say, “There’s an app for that!” We can help.
Commenting on the benefits that Openbay brings to drivers of older vehicles, Rob Infantino, founder & CEO of Openbay, said,

“We live in an on-demand society, and today’s connected consumers expect immediate
responses to their needs. Fewer people are raising a hand to hail a cab or calling a restaurant to
book a reservation. Now, thanks to Openbay, fewer people need to rely on word-of-mouth referrals to find trustworthy auto mechanics who provide high-quality service. Openbay’s web and mobile app helps consumers to repair and maintain their vehicles quickly, conveniently and affordably. In addition, when it’s time to sell those cars, vehicle owners will have Openbay’s service diary as proof of regular maintenance and repairs readily available for the next owner, which could serve as a selling point.”

We know Openbay’s great, but don’t take our word for it. Here are some excerpts from the press –

Pando Daily: “It gives consumers leverage they’ve never had before when delving into the often nefarious world of car repairs.”
Men’s Journal: “Ten Best Smartphone Apps for Your Car”
PBS’ MotorWeek: “Yet another example of how technology is making our lives easier by keeping car maintenance simple.”

Ready to go? Download the Openbay mobile app, or check us out online today.