How to Find a Good Mechanic

People - Couple Searching for Mechanic

We caught this recent article in Consumer Reports called, “Best Places to Get Your Car Repaired.”  Rather than help find a particular shop, CR compared dealerships and independent shops.
Here are some of CR’s findings:

  • On the whole, consumers were happier with independent shops than with dealerships.
  • The only automaker that scored better than independent shops’ ratings was Tesla (which has company-owned dealers)
  • Among dealers, luxury and upscale brands had the highest ratings.
  • Biggest dealership gripe? Cost of parts and labor.
  • BMW, Porsche and VW drivers found similar prices between dealerships and independent shops.

It was an interesting piece, but here’s the thing – the CR article still didn’t help people in search of a good mechanic to find a shop to get their cars repaired. 
That’s where Openbay comes in – Openbay helps you search for and book vehicle service with a top repair shop near you. Have only one minute to see how it works? Check out this video.
Did you know that when you use Openbay to book vehicle repair and maintenance:

  • You choose.
    Openbay users receive four shops’ proposals, on average, so they have a choice between mechanics. An informed consumer is a happy consumer.
  • Openbay provides all the info you need.
    Sort shops based on location, customer ratings and reviews, and price. No need to waste time looking up the mechanics’ distance to your house on Google Maps, the shops’ ratings on a review web site, and no need to call around to see if your quote for parts and labor is reasonable. It’s all right on Openbay.
  • There are no “gotcha” moments.
    Worried your shop might try to add in services you hadn’t authorized? With Openbay, all prices are included, from parts and labor down to taxes and even miscellaneous fees, like tire- or oil-disposal fees. Not to mention, all service booked on Openbay is backed by our Openbay Peace-of-Mind Guarantee. 
  • You can clean out your glove-box.
    Openbay maintains all your service records online. Throw out those receipts, and retrieve all your vehicle-service history online or via app anytime. Has your mechanic recommended an oil change or a transmission flush? Quickly scan your records to decline any service you know you’ve recently had.In addition to helping keep your glove compartment clean, keeping your car’s maintenance and repair records could help you sell your used car someday. A well-cared-for vehicle is an attractive prospect. With Openbay, you’ll look organized.
  • You earn rewards.
    You earn 1% back with every completed Openbay service. If you log a lot of miles, or have multiple Openbay vehicles in your household, you’ll quickly earn free services.

Go ahead – give Openbay a try today.