ABC World News Tonight's "Real Money" Recap: Saving Big on Car Repairs

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Did you see tonight’s edition of ABC World News Tonight’s “Real Money” called “Saving Big on Car Repairs”? If not, here’s the Openbay-centric (we’re biased) recap, featuring ways to save on car repair.

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The Chen family have a 2011 Toyota Sienna that’s “just out of warranty and it’s starting to need repairs.”
“They’ve been warned to replace the brake pads, but their first quote is over $1,200,” said Rebecca Jarvis, ABC’s chief business & economic correspondent.
“It was basically the car repairs or Christmas,” said Mrs. Chen.
To help the Chens “keep their tires and costs from spinning out of control,” ABC brought in auto expert, Charlie Romero, from
Among the tips to save on the “pricey brake pads,” ABC’s second tip: “Be an informed consumer, using apps like Openbay… that let you compare prices at local mechanics.”
Using the Openbay web app, the Chens received service proposals that ranged from $535 to $950, all using OEM parts as noted in their service request.
As with many Openbay users, the Chens didn’t go with the lowest-priced offer. They made their decision based on 1) location, 2) customer ratings and reviews and 3) price.
After a quick Openbay app check, the Chens wound up at Marv & Mikes in Rockville.
Since the show aired, Openbay has received loads of traffic. Thank you for your support!
It’s important to note that, while Openbay presents consumers with options for local auto-repair shops, most users do not select the lowest-cost provider. They’re motivated by convenience and quality, so repair shops that are closest to them, and that are well rated and reviewed often fare best. Even vehicles that aren’t “worth” much on paper are worth a great deal to families, and cars are best left in the hands of qualified mechanics who will accurately diagnose and fix issues the first time.
Drive safely!