ABC Boston's Chronicle Covers Openbay App

Sam - Openbay Wicked Good Mechanics

This evening, ABC Boston’s ‘Chronicle’ focused on delivery services, and it included one of Openbay vehicle owners’ favorite hometown service providers, Wicked Good Mechanics (formerly Driveway Doctors).
ABC WCVB 5 Openbay
On the day of filming, Chronicle caught up with Sam, from the Openbay team, who used the Openbay mobile app to book his own vehicle’s service.
He explained how Openbay is a great way to gather competitive offers from multiple service providers, then use the web or mobile app to book and pay for vehicle service.
As with many of our Boston-area customers, Sam loves the convenience offered by mobile mechanics, and he’s used Openbay to book multiple repairs with Wicked Good Mechanics.
To the new vehicle owners who’ve signed up as a result of the segment, welcome to the Openbay community!