Cars & Cats to Celebrate National Cat Day

Animals - Cat in Car

It’s National Cat Day, which we just learned from our friends at Uber, who are apparently delivering kittens today. Yes, it’s true!

As much as we love the idea of delivering kittens to our network of shops across America for vehicle owners to cuddle and play with while their cars get fixed, we’re working hard at the office and unable to indulge in the fluffety goodness.

But we’ve got a compromise – a compendium of cars and cats. What more could one want?


This snap comes from Jacob Davies. Maybe this kitty was learning to drive double-clutch? We reckon there aren’t many ways one destroy a clutch faster than by teaching people to drive manual on it. Maybe this cat’s a fast learner?


Fauxen caught this VW Bug vehicle break-in. Too bad it didn’t have an alarm system installed.


This comes from Benny Mazur. Can you spot the kitty among the luggage? Think the cat enjoyed the journey or hopped out in time? While we’re sure the kitty was comfortable, there are safer ways to transport the family pets.


Mikhail Kryshen posted this snap of a cat sleeping on a Toyota running board.


We guess this cat’s performing a vehicle safety check, given that includes checking headlights and taillights.  Posted by Quasic.

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This Siamese, posted by Robert Couse-Baker, is probably contemplating its car-maintenance schedule, and whether it’s time to book service with Openbay. If you’ve read the diaries of cats vs. dogs, you’d know cats are pretty smart like that.


If you’ve got a great photo of your cat in, on, or driving your car, please send it our way and we’ll post it here. For now, all below image credits are courtesy of Flickr.

Happy National Cat Day, everyone!