6 Best Practices Implemented by Automotive Service Center Leaders on Openbay During COVID-19 – Touchless Auto Repair and Service

Vehicle owners in need of car repair may be hesitating to move forward these days due to concerns about health and safety. When they are ready for service, they can be assured local auto repair businesses are going the extra mile to ensure customers and employees are healthy and safe. Openbay recently surveyed their top automotive service professionals on the Openbay marketplace on the steps they are taking to provide safe and touchless automotive repair and maintenance for their customers during COVID-19 and beyond. Here are the top 6 best practices:

  1. Following Safety Guidelines

    Local automotive businesses are following guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and local, state and federal officials. This includes actions to protect staff and customers at all times including wearing gloves and masks; practicing social distancing among staff and between staff and customers; as well as staggering shifts to minimize the number of employees working together at the same time.

  2. Providing Touchless Vehicle Drop off and Pick Up

    The end-to-end repair experience has transformed into a contactless one, according to survey respondents. Vehicle owners can drop off and pick up their vehicles without direct human contact.

  3. Disinfecting Vehicle Surfaces

    There are many surfaces that call for disinfecting. In fact, a study from the National Center for Biotechnology Information shows the steering wheel may be dirtier than a toilet seat!

    Local automotive service professionals take cleaning seriously. Survey respondents are disinfecting all vehicle surfaces before and after repairs, while their staff wears gloves and face masks. Some, but not all, of the surfaces that are disinfected include the steering wheel, door handles, gear shift, dashboard, keys. Additionally, other surfaces like floor mats are protected with coverings.

  4. Creating Safe Retail Spaces

    The extra effort to keep environments clean and safe is not limited to the vehicle. Vehicle owners who need to stay at the shop while their vehicle is being serviced can be confident that extra steps are in place to keep all physical spaces healthy too. Survey respondents are thoroughly, and frequently, disinfecting office area surfaces before and after service including waiting rooms, the cash desk and restrooms.

  5. Using Contactless Transactions

    Payments are now more often happening remotely, with transactions taken by phone or payment apps like Venmo. In addition, Openbay, the online marketplace for auto repair and maintenance, offers a completely touchless payment experience for vehicle owners and service providers. 

  6. Giving Back to the Community

    The positive actions local automotive service businesses are taking don’t stop at health and safety. Survey respondents are generously giving back to their customers and community, with many offering special discounts on service for those in need. One example is Custom Import Performance in East Stroudsburg, PA who offer their customers with services over $100 gift certificates to local restaurants. This simple yet powerful act recognizes their customers, keeps local restaurants strong and makes customer meal time more affordable. It’s a win-win-win.

If you are a vehicle owner in need of auto repair or maintenance services, Openbay, the online marketplace for auto repair, is here to help. Openbay offers a completely touchless digital experience, making it easy and convenient to find quality local auto maintenance and repair. In a few simple taps, a vehicle owner can get quotes for service from quality local service providers, schedule an appointment and pay securely online. 

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