5 Signs You Need a Brake Job

Brake Job Mechanics - Checking Jeep under Lift

Have you ever approached a stop light and wondered why your foot’s traveling farther down toward the floor as you braked? Looks like you need a brake job. But what does that all entail?

At Openbay, we leave auto repair to the pros. Even still, having a basic understanding of auto-repair issues complements our work, and helps us to understand what our members experience behind the wheel (as well as what’s going on with our own vehicles). With that in mind, our colleague, Sam, from the Member Services team, recently led a Lunch & Learn focused on brake and exhaust systems, including symptoms of failure. We thought elements of his talk were too good not to share, so here’s the first bit of info we’d learned. Thanks, Sam!


5 Signs You Need a Complete Brake Job or  Brakes Work:

  • Brakes Fading/Sinking: A non-responsive or “sinking” brake typically indicates a leak in the system, leading to a loss in brake fluid pressure.
  • Brakes Grinding/Growling: This loud metallic sound indicates pads that are completely worn down and are scratching or scouring the rotors. This is not good. Get to a mechanic, hopefully in time to avoid major damage to your rotors.
  • Vehicle Pulls when Braking: Vehicle pulls to one side when the brake is applied. This indicates uneven wearing of the brake pads, or potentially foreign matter in the brake fluid. If you have to replace a brake pad, it’s wise to do both sides at once to ensure even wear and reduce likelihood of pulling.
  • Brakes Squealing: A high pitched noise that occurs regularly when the brakes are applied. This may mean you need new brake pads, or if your pads are in good shape, try having a mechanic apply Teflon shims. Popular Mechanics’ Mike Allen explains a bit more in depth here.
  • Vehicle Vibration: A pulsation felt when the brake is applied. If felt in the pedal and steering wheel, it’s often the front brakes. If felt in the pedal and seat, it is often the rear brakes.
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If you’re experiencing issues with your vehicle’s brakes, check out Openbay today. Openbay is auto repair and care made simple. Hope online, or on our mobile app, let us know what’s wrong with your vehicle, and Openbay will send you quotes from local mechanics to complete your repair work. Choose a shop that’s best for you, schedule service, and pay via the app once repairs are complete.

Happy driving (and safe stopping)!