4 Key Winter Driving Tips You Don’t Want to Miss

Snowy Road - Winter Driving
thisreidwrites, Flickr

We have a big snowstorm underway in New England as we enter 2014. Depending upon where you live, driving conditions can be poor, and yet drivers everywhere seem determined to drive as if it were summertime. Unsafe winter driving can be downright dangerous and could pose a safety hazard to you, your passengers and others.

While you can’t control the way other people are driving, here are some driving tips to help you drive safely and protect you as much as possible against the fools who aren’t being safe.

1. Drive Slow

This seems like the most obvious of safety tips but it is one that many people simply seem to forget. When you slow down, you allow more room between you and other cars, which can be an important factor if someone starts to slide. In addition, going slow gives you the chance to respond appropriately, instead of having to slam on the brakes and find yourself spinning or sliding into a dangerous situation.

2. Know What To Do

When you start to brake on a slippery road and you panic slightly, thereby putting more pressure on the brakes, you are setting yourself up for a potentially dangerous skid. Remember to gently apply pressure to the brakes, even in a scary situation, to avoid having the brakes lock up.

If you do start to skid, lift your foot off the brakes and carefully steer the car in the direction that you want the car to go.

3. Be Prepared

The Boy Scouts were right, it is always best to be prepared. Keep a small supply of food, water, blankets, a flashlight, and a first aid kit in your car.

In addition, keep the gas tank full, the oil changed, and your car running in good condition. Check with your local mechanic to have an annual winter checkup before weather gets bad. After all, it really is always better to be safe than sorry.

4. Patience pays off

Use common sense when it comes to driving. Remember that the only thing you have to prove is that you are careful enough to keep yourself and those near you safe, so being fast or careless is never worth it. During these snowy days, getting from Point A to Point B safely is all that matters.

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