100 Best Car Blogs of 2016: Openbay Blog Earns a Spot

Best Car Blogs Openbay

Big news — Openbay has joined the ranks the 100 Best Car Blogs of 2016. Pardon the pun, but we’ll have to open a bottle of suds to celebrate the honor!  (Washos, the on-demand car detailers, have bestowed it upon us.)
Washos has done a great job at segmenting the best car blogs, so readers can quickly find their areas of interest. Within the “car care, repair & maintenance” category, we’ve got great company. We’re ranked alongside our friends at Be Car Care Aware, Patrice Banks, of Girls Auto Clinic, and our buddy Charles at The Humble Mechanic.

Industry Celebs: Check Out Some of Our Favorite Blogs

Just as we’d done when we’d received a similar honor recently, we’ll pick three of our favorite blogs to highlight. These are among our favorite interviews with auto-care industry leaders —

  • EricTheCarGuy – we sat down with Eric, and learned that he’d begun as a teenage father who had paid for his application to technical school in rolled-up change. Now, his YouTube following is larger than the populations of Atlanta and Miami combined. His story is a classic tale of hard work, talent and determination paying off.
  • John Gardner – the fast-talking host of Velocity TV’s Tech Garage is an award-winning instructor for automotive technology. He enjoys the “controlled chaos” of influencing people from their teens into their 70s, and the gift of changing people’s lives. He also discusses the shift in the industry’s ethics over the years.
  • Lauren Fix – this regular spokesperson for car care began as a precocious talent. She might have been the youngest-ever member into the Society of Automotive Engineers, as a junior in high school. She shares some interesting car-care facts, and jokes, “What am I, stupid?” in response to people who aim to market to women by using pink.

Huge thanks to Washos for hunting down and outlining the best car blogs for those who don’t have the time. We know that a simple car wash goes a long way toward keeping a car looking great, and hope Washos users will enjoy reading about additional vehicle maintenance and care on the Openbay blog, Overdrive.
Drive safely!

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