Causes, Symptoms, Severity and Cost

Technical Description:

The engine is experiencing misfires from one or more of the engine’s cylinders.

What P0300 really means:

In the majority of these instances, this code is accompanied by a P0301, P0302, P0303, etc., which will designate the exact cylinder that is misfiring. The computer may also blink the check engine light to alert the driver to stop the engine as soon as possible that these conditions will cause damage to the catalytic converter.

What are the symptoms of a P0300 code?

The code tells us what is already known - the engine is running poorly. There is no avoiding the shaking or bucking or chugging from a misfiring engine, and if the driver does want to play hear no evil, the consequences could be quite expensive. Something is wrong with the fuel mixture, compression or spark within the cylinders, and if ignored the engine or catalytic converter could be heavily damaged.

What is the severity of a P0300 code?

Critical. The car should be brought in for repair as soon as possible with the same day being ideal. The list of reasons for a misfire is quite long, so dropping off the car should be expected, as an answer might not be easily found.

What is the cost to resolve a P0300?

  • Estimated diagnostic cost = $100
  • Estimated part(s) + labor cost = $250-900 (depending on specific part to be replaced)

The cost for a misfire can range widely from car to car. At the very least expect to pay around $100 for a diagnostic check to find out the problem. The most common repair is to change the spark plugs and spark plug wires (if used), or what we sometimes call a tune up. Here the price can start out at $150 for many four cylinders and range upwards of $700 for six cylinders and eight cylinders. The spark producing ignition coils are also a common item and usually average around $129 per coil (some cars have one coil per spark plug).

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