2006 Ford Explorer or 2006 Mercury Mountaineer 4.0L Radiator Replacement

Do you own a 2006 Ford Explorer or 2006 Mercury Mountaineer 4.0L?

Have you ever seen small pools of yellow fluid in your driveway or garage?

How about yellow, crusty staining under the hood?

Can you smell that sweet ethylene glycol when you get out of your SUV?

Is your engine running hotter than usual or overheating?

If this sounds like your faithful Ford, you are probably leaking coolant (antifreeze) from under the front of your SUV and your radiator is most likely leaking.

What is a radiator?

A radiator is used for cooling the engine and consists of a bank of thin tubes in which circulating antifreeze is cooled by the surrounding air. A properly functioning radiator is very important and necessary to help maintain proper engine operating temperatures.

Do I need to replace my radiator right away or can I put this repair off?

You should not delay this repair. If you have a leak in your cooling system, you should have it inspected and diagnosed properly as soon as possible. If you wait too long, you are risking a major break down and possibly looking at replacing your engine.

What should I do if my 2006 Ford Explorer or 2006 Mercury Mountaineer is leaking coolant?

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Article written by an ASE Certified Technician