About Openbay

Openbay is an online marketplace and SaaS software company transforming the experience for automotive repair and services for consumers, and the way that automotive care businesses acquire and service customers. Openbay is headquartered in Cambridge, MA, is privately held, and its investors include Stage 1 Ventures, Boston Seed Capital, GV (formerly Google Ventures), a16z seed, and several individual investors. Openbay holds an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

About Our Chief Driver

Rob Infantino, founder & CEO of Openbay

Rob Infantino Rob is the founder and CEO of Openbay. He was inspired to start the company after an automotive service center attempted to overcharge him for unnecessary repairs. Prior to Openbay, Rob founded three enterprise software companies. He has always enjoyed working on his own cars, performing everything from transmission replacements to engine rebuilds, and has spent time working in a pit crew on modified stock cars. Rob holds a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Connecticut. A noted authority on vehicle repair, interviews with Rob have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, The Economist, BBC Autos, Boston Globe, and NY Daily News, among others.

"Ah-hah!" - The Moment That Started Our Story

The genesis of Openbay arose from a personal event after our founder and CEO, Rob, brought his car to a service center for a simple wheel alignment, an inexpensive service – it should have been less than $200. After sipping a coffee and munching on a few treats, the service advisor came to Rob with a 12-page estimate of repairs they believed needed to be done on his car before they could perform the wheel alignment. It amounted to $4,000. Rob felt unsure of the estimate and supposed repairs needed, so declined and left without any service performed on the car.

That night, Rob went home and searched online for one site where he could find local, trustworthy mechanics, that would provide high quality service at a fair price. But he couldn't find anything. That was the genesis of Openbay - an online marketplace that allowed customers to compare quotes, read customer reviews, and book service with repair shops that provide high-quality service in their neighborhoods. That was the initial vision and it hasn’t changed since the company's inception.

OpenbayConnect in the News

Wall Street Journal

"This is just one demonstration of how in-car connectivity to the Internet could alter business models."

Yahoo! Autos

'Maybe even old cars could get a bit smarter, even if their owners don’t pay attention.'

Detroit Free Press

"Autotrader senior analyst Michelle Krebs said. 'As cars become more connected, a whole new world of possibilities opens up.'"

Openbay in the News


"It makes fixing and maintaining your car as easy as updating your Facebook profile"


"Openbay helps you fix your car without getting stressed."


Openbay is "quietly building an industry leading marketplace."


"Openbay can save consumers the trouble of contacting a number of local providers individually."


"Openbay vets and indexes the professionals it works with."