A Conscientious Driver’s Pedestrian Rulebook - 6 Important Tips

Of all the hazards you face on a daily basis when you’re behind the wheel of your car, pedestrians represent the greatest danger, though not necessarily to you. Not physically, anyway. Let’s face it – a pedestrian is no match against a moving car. But the damage that you’re capable of inflicting upon another human being by failing to look out for and yield to pedestrians could land you in serious emotional, legal and financial trouble. Here are a few helpful tips and ... (Read More)

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Have 10 friends that need services performed on their car? You can earn over $100 or more toward your next repair (10 invites = $100.00*).  *In your Openbay dashboard or mobile app, you have a unique link to invite friends, giving each $10 off their first auto repair service. Don’t worry, Openbay will deposit the $10 in their account. You’ll earn $10 as soon as they complete a service using Openbay. It’s a win-win for everyone. ... (Read More)

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