Overcome Aggressive Tailgating with the Three-Second Rule

Football season is in full swing, and tailgating is on the brain. But this American pastime shares a name with a very aggressive and dangerous driving behavior: following other cars too closely. This is important stuff — apparently aggressive drivers kill two to four times more people than drunk drivers — and if you’re a tailgater, you should heed the following advice on how to stop. Here’s a quick quiz to determine whether you might be a candidate for ... (Read More)

Teen Wheels Don't Have to be Pricey to be Safe: 11 Reasons Why Not

Teen drivers have a notorious reputation for driving dangerously, but that’s not without reason – according to the LA Times, drivers ages 16 to 19 are about three times more likely than drivers age 20 and older to be in a fatal crash. These days, most new cars are equipped with high-tech safety features that save lives. But for many people, buying a sweet new back-to-school car is a cost-prohibitive luxury. If you’re the parent of a teenage driver - or a teen ... (Read More)

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