The Demise of the All-American Road Trip, and What You Can Do to Save It

Back in the good old days, when road trips were still a relatively new concept, things were different. Climbing into a car with your family to traverse vast distances across an endless ribbon of unfolding asphalt used to be an event. A bonding experience, even – just so long as you could keep the kids from killing one another and yourself from pulling over and wringing their necks. Alas, those days are long gone. Today it’s all about iPods and texting and ... (Read More)

The Hows and Whys of Donating Your Car to Charity

Is your car a planter? Maybe it’s time to consider a charitable donation. Thinking about getting rid of that old clunker that’s been sitting in your driveway far too long? Are you itching to upgrade your existing ride to something a bit more contemporary? You’ve got plenty of options. You could slap a FOR SALE sign on the windshield, put an ad in the local paper, and see if there are any takers. Or, you could do something with more impact – donate your car to charity – and get some ... (Read More)

Between 2010-2012, America’s most stolen vehicles were all pickup trucks and SUVs, ... (Read More)
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