5 Tips to Prepare Your Car for Winter

Those living in seasonal climes know that the days of perfectly crisp air and turning autumn leaves will soon come to a swift end, only to be replaced by violent, frigid temps. Breaking down by the side of the road is a nuisance even in clear, warm weather. Getting stuck on the side of a road in a blizzard is even worse, and it can be dangerous. And then you have to deal with the bill afterwards. Car repairs can put a major strain on your budget, especially during the holiday shopping season when ... (Read More)

7 Ways to Avoid Getting Overcharged By a Mechanic

If you’re like the average American, your car was born the same year Apple’s iTunes store was launched, and when Janet Jackson had a wardrobe ‘malfunction’ at the Superbowl. In other words, the average car on the road is more than 11 years old, meaning your wheels are likely in need of regular love and maintenance. A few years ago, I brought my car in for a wheel alignment. It should have cost less than $200. The dealership’s service adviser took a look at my car and returned with a ... (Read More)

3 Cheapest Cars to Own & Maintain

We all dream of driving fancy cars, but in reality, many of us drive clunkers. The average age of a car on the road is 11.4-years old, and 80% of registered vehicles are out of warranty. They can be a pain to maintain, or if your car’s on the older side, you might be in the pricey repair phase. It’s a  great time to buy a new car at the end of the calendar year — dealers and manufacturers are trying to clear the previous model years off their lots. For cost-conscious new-car shoppers, ... (Read More)

Is Pricey Premium Gas Worth It?

Fuel prices are making headlines, and they’re not the “pain at the pump” ones we’ve become used to in recent years. Prices are actually dropping, and as of this article’s live date (November 6, 2014), the national average is just below $3.00 per gallon. That’s welcome news, given those with low incomes spent nearly 13% of their income on fuel. But Americans don’t think the low fuel prices will last, according to The Washington Post, so they’re not willing to work the savings into any long-term financial ... (Read More)

Top 4 Car Repairs You Can Perform Yourself

So easy a kid could do it? Not quite, but if you’re handy with a wrench, you might be able to try your hand at the below repairs. Owning a car can cost you a lot of money, even after you’ve paid it off. Even with gas prices hovering around $3.00 these days, filling up isn’t cheap. There are also yearly registration fees, property taxes (excise tax) and insurance premiums to consider. And then there’s the cost of performing routine maintenance, which can further dent your wallet. ... (Read More)

Is Your Teen Ready to Drive Alone? Important 5 Questions to Ask

We’re now in the midst of Teen Driver Safety Week, and while you may think this is yet another gimmick on the cultural calendar, there’s no more important cause. To back it up, here are some sobering stats from the NHTSA: Almost half of all teen drivers involved in a crash die. 75% of parents have never had a serious talk with their kids about the key components of driving. In 2012, 28% of drivers aged 15-20 killed in motor vehicle crashes had alcohol in their ... (Read More)

4 Tips to Work Around Your Blind Spot

“I can’t believe you’d loan me your car without telling me it had a blind spot. I could’ve been killed!” — Biff Tannen, Back to the Future Perhaps the fact that all cars have blind spots is news to some, but it shouldn’t be to you. We all have blind spots due to an area on your retina that has no receptors, according to About.com. Give your blind spot a quick test (it only takes about five seconds) here. Acknowledging that a blind spot exists doesn’t eliminate your risk of accidentally ... (Read More)

Dead Battery? 3 Tips on What to Do & How to Avoid It Next Time

Car batteries always die at the wrong time. Not that there’s necessarily any good time for a battery to give up the ghost. But you usually only discover it’s dead when you’re in a rush to get somewhere and your engine won’t turn over. What should you do? Before you freak out, read on. You just might find a quick solution that’ll get you back on the road in short time. Look around you. Depending on where you are and what time of day your battery’s decided to punch the ... (Read More)

9 Tips to Protect Kids from Car Accidents

Ever wonder why hospitals like to inspect an infant car seat before newborn babies leave for home? The facts below are compelling. (Sunglasses optional.) We love cars. But surprisingly, motor vehicles are also far and away the top cause of unnatural death for those under 19-years old. Whether behind the wheel or riding as a passenger, following these nine guidelines (and noting the abundance of supporting evidence to confirm why you should) will go a long way toward ensuring your precious ... (Read More)

4 Tips for Surviving a Skid

Fall is officially here. Leaf-peeping drivers, with eyes on the landscape, may not notice wet leaves on the road that could lead to a potential loss of vehicle traction. Knowing how to handle your vehicle in the event of an unexpected skid, which can happen in any weather, is imperative. Check out our tips below to help decrease your chances of spending a beautiful autumn day in the emergency room, the auto body shop, or both! Don’t panic. Easier said than done, right? Even though you feel totally powerless ... (Read More)