Are Vehicle Alarm & Security Systems Worth It?

Between 2010-2012, America’s most stolen vehicles were all pickup trucks and SUVs, according to CNN Money. Vehicle security systems come in all shapes and price ranges. You can get a car alarm that will go off if someone opens the door or breaks a window, or you can spring for the kind of alarm that will send out a loud scream to everyone within earshot at the mere detection of motion. There are security systems that include keyless entry, remote start, and even GPS-enabled ... (Read More)

Optimize Gas Mileage for Spring and Summer Cruising

Summer’s coming, and that means two things: road trip opportunities and high gas prices. According to FOX Business, the average American household spends around $3,000 on gas per year.  We hate to be a buzzkill, but gas prices aren’t likely decreasing anytime soon. You’ve got two options – stay home and have a miserable summer, or learn how to squeeze every last drop from your fuel tank so you can enjoy the open roads. We’re the seize-the-day types, so we’ve opted for the latter. Here ... (Read More)

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