How This Repair Shop Owner’s Unconventional Response to the Recession Launched a National Media Star

If you’re working in the auto care industry and haven’t yet come across Audra Fordin, you might be living under a rock. Audra’s a rare breed – she’s a female mechanic who owns her own shop, Great Bear Auto Repair, in Flushing, NY. Her “Women Auto Know” program, to empower women drivers, has earned Audra national media exposure – from Anderson Cooper to The Today Show – and it started as an out-of-the-box, community-focused ... (Read More)

Five unnecessary maintenance items you can postpone—or skip altogether

Regular preventative maintenance is virtually always cheaper in the long run than episodic repairs. Write that down somewhere, because there will be a test later. The service writer at your dealership or garage should always be advising you about what maintenance is needed (if not, check for yours here), and generally, it’s best practice to follow their suggestions. A well-maintained car will indeed last longer and provide less trouble than one that only ... (Read More)

Does Your Car-Repair Experience Leave You Raving About Phenomenal Service & Fair Price? It Should.

In the latest series of Openbay-user stories, we speak with Mike G., who has used Openbay twice, so far. Where do you live, and how’d you learn about Openbay?I live in Irvine, CA. I first heard about Openbay from a friend who’d found out about it on Reddit.What kind of vehicles do you drive?I have a 2013 Subaru BRZ and a 1991 Toyota Land Cruiser.When you first heard about it, what attracted you about Openbay?One of the biggest ... (Read More)

5 Tips To Prolong The Life Of Your Vehicle’s Lights & Wipers

This is really mostly about being able to see properly, and be seen, when it’s raining or dark or both, isn’t it? We generally manage just fine on nice sunny days, but when it’s wet or dark out, there’s that instinctive reaction to squeeze the steering wheel a little tighter, lean a little forward, squint, and clench the upholstery. Your windows let you stay dry, but need to be free of water, dirt and scratches to let you see properly—especially when you’re hurtling along ... (Read More)

Inspired by ABC, Matt Downloaded This App & Tried it a Year Later. Here’s How it Went

Where do you live and what do you drive?I live in Arlington Heights, IL and I drive a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee.How did you find Openbay?I happened to catch a news story on ABC news [Ways to Save and Keep an Aging Car Safe] about a family looking for better pricing on car repairs. It aired almost a year ago, so I’d downloaded the Openbay app right away, but hadn’t gotten around to using it since.Here’s a screenshot from Openbay’s appearance on ABC ... (Read More)

Challenges & Trends in the Future of the Automotive Aftermarket

“The Future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades” – are you prepared to meet the challenges over the next five years of the aftermarket auto care?Today, the Auto Care Association hosted a fascinating teleforum on the auto care industry called “Top Business Challenges for 2016 and How to Solve Them” with the following panelists:John Washbish, MAAP, President & CEO, Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance, Inc.Mark Seng, MAAP, Global Aftermarket Practice Leader, ... (Read More)

Here’s What Made This Car Repair a "Wonderful Experience”

We recently noticed an old review left for an auto repair shop on Openbay. It inspired us to pick up the phone to speak with Lisa F., who’d left the review. This was her second time booking vehicle maintenance with Openbay. Here, she explains what the shop did well, and why she’ll continue booking service with us.How did you find Openbay?Through my employer, which had recommended Openbay.The quick response, and the follow up is the best ever. Most of the time, people ... (Read More)

5 Tips to Extend the Life of Your Battery

Baby, it’s cold outside. Cold enough that the starter motor on your car groans instead of sings. Cold enough that you’re starting to worry that you might just not get to work some morning without a jump. A few simple things may improve those chances considerably, however. Bear in mind that while batteries generally fail (as in won’t-start-your-car) in the winter, the actual damage is done during the hot summer months, when high under-hood temperatures boil the electrolyte and turn solid lead ... (Read More)

Reading Materials: 5 Ideas for Your Repair Shop Waiting Room

If you’re an auto repair shop owner/operator, you’re probably focused on managing your business. And while you have your head down working hard, you might not glance up often enough to see your waiting room through your customers’ eyes. The last time we had our car worked on, we went to a local shop, which has a small waiting room, and, rather than bury our heads in a smartphone, we took a moment to look around. There wasn’t much we could do to stay occupied, and we were ... (Read More)