Americans are Keeping Their Vehicles Longer Than Ever... & There’s an App for That

News is everywhere – CNBC, USA Today, Detroit Free Press – today that Americans are keeping their cars for longer than ever. The Institute of Highway Safety (IHS) released a report confirming that the average age of a vehicle on U.S. roads has hit a new record high – 11.5-years old!Guess who doesn’t mind? We don’t! Why? Openbay’s web and mobile app is the modern-day answer for how Americans can get their aging vehicles maintained and ... (Read More)

Dead Battery? 11 Easy Steps to Jump-Start Your Car

If you’re driving an older vehicle, chances are you’ll have to do this at some point – jump start your car’s dead battery. While it may seem easy to those in the know, many of us are left googling what exactly should be done with those mysterious/intimidating jump-start cables when the time comes to use them. Lucky for you, jump starting your car’s battery is a pretty simple procedure that can kick your car to life long enough for you to take it to a repair shop and have it ... (Read More)

Woo hoo! Openbay’s blog about all things automotive – car...

Woo hoo! Openbay’s blog about all things automotive – car repair tips, road trips, connected cars, ways to save on vehicle maintenance, driving tips, and even just silly signs – has hit 500 posts!We hope you enjoy the Openbay blog and that you keep reading. Is there some automotive-related topic you’d like to see us cover? Let us know!And most of all, if you have a vehicle that needs service, we hope you’ll comparison shop and book your automotive repair with Openbay’s web and mobile app. Drive safely!

The Internet of Cars is Here!

Zubie Unveils ZinC, an Open API Platform for the Internet of CarsThis morning, Zubie announced news of its open API platform for what it’s calling the “Internet of Cars.”Openbay will be made available to all Zubie ZinC users. Here’s what our founder & CEO had to say about this release – “Zubie’s ZinC platform is well positioned to provide a host of services to consumers to offer convenience and value,” said Rob Infantino, CEO and founder of Openbay, the online marketplace for ... (Read More)

In order to celebrate America’s independence, millions of...

In order to celebrate America’s independence, millions of Americans will hit the roads with family and friends for BBQs and fireworks. Here are some wild stats about just how clogged the roads will be, and how much longer it’ll take you to get where you’re going.Before you hit the road, be sure your car’s in tip-top shape by getting it checked up; book service with Openbay’s network of trusted mechanics. Getting stranded on the side of the road is not a good way to spend ... (Read More)

If your check-engine light sends you into a tizzy, check these...

If your check-engine light sends you into a tizzy, check these other lights out, and see if you get the full rundown of what your dashboard lights really mean here. We especially love the reminder to flex your abs!Is your version of vehicle maintenance about as deep as gassing your car and getting your oil changed? If so, OpenbayConnect, which employs connected car technology, might be for you. Let’s say you’re driving down the road, your check-engine light comes on. ... (Read More)

Openbay to Power New AutoZone Online Auto Repair Service

Boston Selected as Initial Market. Helps Consumers Simplify Vehicle Repair ProcessCAMBRIDGE, MA – June 24, 2015 – Openbay, the only nationwide online marketplace for auto repair, has partnered with AutoZone, Inc. (NYSE: AZO) to enable Boston-area consumers to comparison shop for and book automotive repair and maintenance services with a network of local professionals directly from AutoZone is the nation’s leading auto parts retailer and a leading distributor of ... (Read More)

Did you catch the latest episode of MotorWeek, television’s...

Did you catch the latest episode of MotorWeek, television’s longest running and most respected automotive series? Openbay was featured in this week’s “Motor News” section. Check us out!If you want to see Openbay on the big screen, check your local PBS listings – MotorWeek airs on 92% of PBS stations nationwide, and can also be seen on cable’s Velocity and V-me Spanish-language network.And if you’d like to try Openbay for your auto repair and maintenance, find us here:Openbay onlineDownload Openbay’s mobile appOpenbayConnectDrive safely!

Story of a (New) Serial Openbay User

Jordan C. discovered Openbay and booked his first service in early 2015. Within four months, Jordan had booked three services on his Mazda 3, and he’s got another service booking on the way.  We got in touch to speak with him to learn more about his experience using Openbay, and to find out what keeps him coming back. How did you hear about Openbay? I had just moved to Bay Area, and I didn’t know anyone. I’d just inherited my Dad’s previous car, a 2008 Mazda 3. It’s the only thing of value that I ... (Read More)