5 Cool Tips for Keeping Your AC Working all Summer Long

Summer’s here and the time is right… for blasting your AC. But just because it’s hotter than heck outside doesn’t mean you should use your car’s air conditioner willy-nilly. There are actually a handful of best practices that you can employ to get the most out of your AC, ensuring longevity of life and peak performance. Here are five tips you should add to your daily summer cruising repertoire.   Turn your AC off before you kill the engine. There are a couple of practical reasons ... (Read More)

How To Know When You Need Brakes

We all know that the brakes will need to be replaced at some point, but because the life of brakes varies so greatly with the type of driving, we never know when is when. Here is a short primer for all drivers to understand the signs that brakes need replacement. What to look (or listen) for… If you need brakes, over time, your brake pedal may be lower than it used to be, or the pedal will need to be pressed slightly harder than before. Most drivers may not realize this – the process is so gradual ... (Read More)

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