Here at team Openbay, we love a good road trip — wind in...

Here at team Openbay, we love a good road trip — wind in the hair, blasting music, good conversation, hours of boredom, breakdowns, silly road signs and all!Looking for the perfect path through America? Check out this scientifically-proven approach. We love maps. We love big data. We love road trips. And all that means we love this idea. Want some other, non-route oriented Road Trip Tips from Openbay? For FunGet in the mood by watching some movies with great car ... (Read More)

We’re shocked this cyclist emerged in one...

We’re shocked this cyclist emerged in one piece!There’s not enough that can be said for safe, defensive driving, with an aim to protecting yourself, other drivers, pedestrians and cyclists.Check out some of Openbay’s tips on doing just that:A Conscientious Driver’s Pedestrian Rulebook - 6 TipsSafety Precautions You Should Take While Driving in the RainTips for Sharing the Road with MotorcyclistsIs Hands-Free Talking and Driving Safe?One hugely important piece of the driver-safety puzzle is ... (Read More)

We LOVE new cars. Who doesn’t? The new-car smell, the...

We LOVE new cars. Who doesn’t? The new-car smell, the thrill of having picked every option, every color. Then there’s the comfort of knowing it won’t break in any major way until it’s out of warranty (like 80% of registered cars).The one thing that STINKS about new car or truck ownership, however, is the depreciation. Did you know you lose 11% of your vehicle’s value the minute you leave the lot? Bummer.If you’re determined to buy a new car, there’s no way around the ... (Read More)

Oscar Weekend & The Best-Ever Car Scenes in Movies

Everywhere you look, it’s Oscar this and Oscar that, and Team Openbay had to join in… sort of. While we wish we had time to have watched all the nominated flicks, we haven’t even seen half of them. But we’ve got a noble excuse — we’re too busy getting Americas’ cars repaired! Of the Oscar-nominated movies we watched, Boyhood had a particularly memorable car scene, where Ethan Hawke, playing the Dad, can no longer bear his kids’ one-word ... (Read More)

As Gas Prices Rise, Consumers Turn to Apps to Save on Top 3 Car Expenses

Do you look for ways to save money? There are lots of ways to save on car-related expenses by taking advantage of technology and mobile apps. Headlines abound with news of rising gas prices, now for the third straight week. According to Kelley Blue Book’s “Total Cost of Ownership,” a new car that costs about $20K actually costs its owner about $36-38K over five years. Many consumers weigh the pros and cons of buying a new car. One of the big cons ... (Read More)

Last-Minute, Car-Themed Valentine's Day Gift Guide

If you’ve been out to lunch, and have only just realized tomorrow is Valentine’s Day — yes, February 14th! You might need a quick little something to celebrate the big day with your main squeeze.  As always, we have car-focused ideas in mind. We know your need for speed may not stop at your car, so most of these gifts can be had with a 24-hour turnaround. Ready, set, go!Esslie Nail polish in car-themed colors $8.50Image credit: EssieIf your lovely lady loves cars ... (Read More)

5 Ways to Get the Best Trade-In Value for Your Car

So you’ve got your heart set on a new car, and you’re ready to get rid of your current wheels. If you head to the dealership, they’ll take care of every detail – from a thorough cleaning to repairs – and its sale, but you’ll also get lessmoney working through a dealer than if you were to sell it privately. Ifyou have extra time, and would like to sell it independently, but don’t know where to start, here’s a quick guide to get the most money for your vehicle.1. Assess the Value of ... (Read More)

62% of Millenials' Savings Won't Cover this Inevitable Expense

Many Americans (especially younger generations) are plagued by stress over money. Two recent reports are linked below, with astonishing facts:American Psychological Association has just released a study that 72% of Americans have felt stressed about money within the last 30 days. A recent Bankrate report shows that 62% of millenials don’t have sufficient savings to cover an unexpected $500 car repair.Few young people don’t plan for car repairs, yet ... (Read More)

5 Tips to Free Your Car from a Snowdrift

Much as we hate to admit it, our rear-wheel drive car recently got stuck in the snow. We’re happy to report that it was stuck in our driveway, and not on the road, but it was still a nuisance to free it. In order to save you the humiliation and embarrassment, we’ve compiled some tips to quickly free yourself from the drift.Clear the snow off your car, then around and under itThis may seem obvious, but it’s am important first step. Clear your car first with a telescoping snow ... (Read More)

Advice: How to Find a Good Mechanic

We caught this recent article in Consumer Reports called, “Best Places to Get Your Car Repaired.”  Rather than help find a particular shop, CR compared dealerships and independent shops.Here are some of CR’s findings:On the whole, consumers were happier with independent shops than with dealerships.The only automaker that scored better than independent shops’ ratings was Tesla (which has company-owned dealers) Among dealers, luxury and upscale brands had the highest ... (Read More)