Tons of Tips for Bold & Blizzard-Bound Drivers

Governors in Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island have restricted non-essential travel due to extreme weather. Here’s how the streets of downtown Boston look right now — better suited to a romantic walk than a drive! Are you blizzard-bound, but planning to throw caution to the wind and drive through the storm? We’ve got 11 different articles with tons of tips to keep you on the right track. In case you absolutely must drive, here are some of Openbay’s ... (Read More)

"There’s a car somewhere under there. …" Anyone in...

"There’s a car somewhere under there. …" Anyone in warmer climes wonder what the New England snow really looks like, beyond the newscasts’ hyperbolic coverage? This is what Openbay team member woke up to this morning.  The snow is still coming down, so we hope you’re handy with a shovel, Sam. Even better — we hope you have a vacation planned soon; you might need a proper thaw-out session after this. Looking for winter-driving tips? Head over to the Openbay blog, where ... (Read More)

First Major Blizzard of 2015 in New England: 5 Helpful Tips While Driving (if you have to)

This has been a relatively mild winter, and New Englanders are just about to say “Hello” to their first significant snow storm of 2015. According to experts, New Englanders are about to be immobilized with the arrival of several feet of heavy white snow, which can make driving pretty scary. It’s always best to stay home and avoid traveling the roads. But in the event you must hit the road for whatever reason — a ... (Read More)

Snowstorm is Coming! 5 Must-Have Items for Your Car

If you’re in the northeast, you’re probably due for a snowstorm this weekend. Get ready for a couple of days cozying up by the fire, the TV, or relaxing with a good book. If your idea of a snowstorm involves more than being house-bound, don’t hit the roads unless you’re prepared. If you haven’t already prepared, stock up on these items to keep in your truck or car at all times for safe winter driving: 1. Jumper Cables No need, you may be thinking, my ... (Read More)

Feeling Deflated? 7 How-to Tips to Fix Your Tire Pressure

Checking your tire pressure at least once per month is critical for a number of reasons. Deflated tires could mean you’re wasting money on gas, and more importantly, they could put you and your passengers at greater risk of an accident. It’s important to remember that tires are the only thing that stand between your car and the road beneath you — they’re the old-fashioned version of the connected car! If any one of your tires gives, you could be in for ... (Read More)

Hybrid Vehicles' Top 4 Repair Needs

You don’t have to be a devoted environmentalist to buy a hybrid car. All you really have to have is a desire to save money on the cost of gas. If you do a lot of in-city driving, owning a hybrid car can get you as many as 50 miles per gallon.  You also don’t have to worry about getting yearly emissions tests in most states when you re-register your hybrid. And in some places, if you’re driving a hybrid, you’re allowed to use the HOV lane even if you’ve only got one person on board. Let’s take a ... (Read More)

The Openbay team loves to hit the road and travel. We’re...

The Openbay team loves to hit the road and travel. We’re often giving you tips about travel, like: How to travel with your pet How to save your family road trip Free Apps to download before a road trip How to prepare your car for the winter But sometimes, we just have to stop giving advice and just and enjoy the scenery, whether they’re beautiful mountain roads or just really silly signs. We laughed out loud at these translations, which were photographed in China, ... (Read More)

8 Things You Need to Know Before Buying a New Car

One of our favorite new cars, the 2015 Audi S3. The good news is you’re in the market for a new car. The bad? You don’t even know where to begin. It always pays to comparison shop, and with so many sites dedicated to vehicle reviews, stats on reliability over time, information on the cost of vehicles over time, and even customer reviews of the dealerships, you can do your research from the comfort of your sofa. We’ll leave it to you to decide which vehicle you should buy, but we will ... (Read More)

Winter Car Hack: This Household Item Will Help Prevent a Frosty, Icy Windshield

The winter months bring many joyful things: the holidays, skiing, warm and snuggly clothing, hot cocoa by the fireplace, and icy windshields on your car. Okay, that last one’s not so fun – but it’s going to happen to just about everyone, with the exception of those lucky devils living in tropical environments. Scraping ice off of your car windows after a long, hard day at the office may be a seasonal tradition, but it’s one that most of us could stand ... (Read More)

How to Read a Car Repair Estimate

This car-repair receipt from 1945 notes a transmission overhaul charge of $15 — not a bad deal! Unless you enjoy turning a wrench, car repair and maintenance is a necessary evil. Car repair bills always seem so unfair and often include repairs that didn’t really seem necessary. The whole experience is taxing, but with this list of suggestions, we can help shrink your repair bills, ensuring a better experience and a well-running car for years to come. If, like 80% of vehicles, yours is out of ... (Read More)